An endless passion
for music

Singer, Song Writer & Teacher

An endless passion for music
is what drives me

James Randle is a professional Guitarist, Singer and songwriter, based in London UK.

James Randle Biography Episode 1

Twas the 22nd of may 1991 and the World momentarily jerked backwards, branding young James with the passion for groove and taste of decades past.

Just letting himself turn with the world, it wasn’t until he stumbled across the great idea that playing a guitar would be a solar magnet for girls.

The quest for a guitar saw young James travelling to the edge of the dark new world…Worthing to be precise!! The soulful bell-chime of the Stratocaster became his weapon of choice. The deeper into the musical forest he ventured the more he discovered the roots and vibe of the mighty fallen.

Knowing he needed to decode the path to self-discovery he tracked down the eyes of the forest, Wise Owl Dave.

Dave trained the boy with the skills he needed to let the Guitar scream and weep, painting the last supper of guitar heroes fallen, passing on the knowledge he had once acquired may moons ago. Upon James’s departure Dave gave him a flask engraved ‘groove’, telling him when the time comes he will know how to use it.

Months went by as James battled through the under ground scene using the moves and wisdom he had absorbed under Dave’s wing, dazzling audiences with his tasteful sound. Sessions began to present themselves, but a thorn was still finding its way into his side, an unexpected voice marking a fork in the road.

Like a call to arms the young boy found himself emptying his cup and embarking down a new path, one that silently sowed its truths long ago, and only now presenting the next phase to the journey.

It is said that the lesson from the flask has cut its groove on his soul, and it took no signature on a dotted line. Night may pass into day but there’s no denying there is a change in the air so we best look between the staves for there we might find his music of the night.

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